Golden Sense



golden sense metal detector


Golden Sense device developed specifically to detect raw gold nuggets, coins and other metal cutting small addition to arrogance larger objects, but outperform counterpart in the depths of the devices where the depth to higher levels of all devices to detect gold and crude currencies.

Discrimination and separation of minerals of the most important advantages of high in Golden Sense device where the device is unable to distinguish between high metals are translated to the user by voice tone vary from metal to another addition to the LED indicators specify the type of metal with precision.

The device features the following specifications: -

Ability to detect deep and penetrating layers of earth with full force
Search systems very easy to isolate the valuable metals from non-value
Works efficiently in all types of soil, including rock and mineral-rich
Water works inside and strong anti insulation provider of water
Long battery life working for forty hours straight
Factory technician comfortably in use

Ease of use

Device is extremely easy to use and easy to install and after doing operator recognizes the device Autwamtica and fast on the type of soil and the system programming search to work properly and the highest and most accurate and depths more than any device instance




  Disk public research   Headphones   Rechargeable battery  



  CD cover search   Home charger   Bag operating unit  



  Car Charger   Belts to carry the device   Carrying Case  



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