Velox One

Ideal for coins, jewelry, antiquities and small metal that are difficult to detect device has been developed for difficult ground conditions
It offers users distinct properties through a combination of depth and speed and ease-of-use disk research that has been newly designed with special settings soil
High-metallic materials.

Will enjoy detects targets is not easily accessible in soils with high metal materials and moist soil
Very salty and the sands of the beach and the plowed ground wet representing other devices substantial obstacle in the disclosure.

 Technical Specifications

- Penetrate the depths of the earth
- The rapid detection of metals
- Three tones to distinguish
- Find Silent
- Ease of Use
- For a long run of the battery
- The elimination of material Hodeidah



Iron switch and discrimination

You can cancel ferrous metals so that when you do not want to disclose this type of metal, you can close it.
It also provides you ease of use in areas where there are large quantities of metal waste.
Helps to adjust the iron in the soil containing high mineral materials and reflections resulting from the soil.
You can eliminate these effects by closing available iron in addition to that sound the low iron enables you to easily distinguish.






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